Our Hours

Monday:  3pm – 9pm
Tuesday:   3pm – 9pm
Wednesday:   3pm – 9pm
Thursday:   3pm – 9pm
Friday:   3pm – 9pm
Saturday:   1pm – 9pm
Sunday:  1pm – 9pm

Private Parties, Catering & Bulk Deliveries

Contact Jo Jo’z for Catering, Bulk Deliveries or Even Renting Out Jo Jo’z for Birthdays, Corporate Events or Special Occasions.

Our Promise

Our commitment is creating frozen yogurts for our health-conscious consumers. We are focused on constantly updating our offerings with innovative and on-trend flavors crafted with your taste buds in mind. When you’re craving a sweet frozen treat, frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream. We offer 14 premium flavors, including everyone’s favorites: non-fat yogurts, sugar-free yogurt, dairy/lactose free sorbet and luscious custard selections. Our customers are impressed with a vast selection of 40+ toppings ranging from top quality fresh fruit to a wide variety of dry and crunchy toppings. Your masterpiece is limited only by your imagination.

Our Location

3449 Pheasant Meadow Dr. O’Fallon MO 63368

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